Ravagings: Six Erotic Stories (a boxed set)

This boxed set offers six forbidden erotic tales featuring the dirtiest and most shocking forced-sex fantasies. Stories include: “Violated by the Roadside,” “Handled Hard by the Chimney Sweeps,” “Getting the Getaway Virgin,” “Violated in an Elevator,” “Struggle Against Him,” and “Struggle Against Them.”

Handled Hard by the Chimney Sweeps

When the crew of chimney sweeps shows up later than scheduled, innocent little Mina has to be the woman of the house while they work. The girl’s attempts to boss around the dirty, well-muscled men go awry. The filthy gang soon surrounds her, demanding payment, lecherously eyeing her nubile young body. Mina finds herself curious…. What happens when Mina dares to seek the answer to her curiosity?

Sex While She Sleeps Outside

Sex While She Sleeps Outside*Free new story for newsletter subscribers only.*

A beautiful and petite virgin slowly wakes up. She’s straddling a fallen log in the wilderness. She’s been drugged. Her panties are missing. She hears something large moving through the forest toward her young, helpless body.

She’s about to meet a local urban legend, the Hairy Hermit.

Struggle: Rape Fantasies (The Struggle Bundle, Parts One and Two)

A collection of forced-sex fantasies.

Struggle Against Him:
When an unusually rough-looking customer walks into the upscale gift boutique where Callie works, her dull job spices up more than she bargains for.

Struggle Against Them:
A brutal sexual experience awaits Callie in the form of a familiar rough customer plus a vengeful ex-boss looking for erotic payback.

(Bonus Story) Still Warm:
Jill confesses her darkest sexual desire to an open-minded boyfriend. He agrees to fulfill her fantasy down by the river. But what can Jill do when the sex game turns dangerously real?

Ravaged: Collected Rape Fantasies

Ravaged: Collected Rape FantasiesA collection of three short stories about forced-sex fantasies.

Getting the Getaway Virgin:
Lisa refuses to pay a mechanic and flees in her fast musclecar. The mechanic drives her down to demand payment plus a penalty.

Filled With Desire:
One dark night at a gas station, Stacie’s dirtiest wishes are about to come true but not in the way she’s fantasized.

Taking the Virgin Intern:
A coworker corners Molly in the storage room with unwholesome intentions.